I am an ordinary person who has a ton load of hobbies. I thought I’d create a little something for 2 of my hobbies: games and nail art. This is what this website is about.

It was firstly mostly about games, but at the moment I am focusing more on my nail art, because it is fun to do!

I am hoping to grow a community of people who celebrate short nails.

While wandering through the internet I have found many people put others down because their nails are short. Sometimes it just isn’t a choice. Not everyone has long nails and some just don’t want them. Yet the majority of nail art focuses on medium to long nails. Well, I want to change that. I cannot do it on my own, so it is up to you to spread the word. Short nails are beautiful too!

My Nails

My own nails grow pretty fast, however my clumsiness ends up creating situations where they snap… I grow them, then they break off because I either don’t know how to open a door properly or I have misguided my hand in the wrong direction or angle. So now I keep them short. Less accidents and no more looking sad at my broken nail. And by no way has that hindered the type of nail art I can do on my nails. Actually, I now feel like I have a lot more options I didn’t have before!