How to create multiple websites using prefix domains

If you already own domains then you have an unlimited supply of prefix domains at your disposal. Basically you own every single letter and number combination before the dot of your domain name. Example, if your domain is, then you own,, and everything else in between.

Some people will sell, lend or let others use these prefix domains which is the case with websites such as wordpress (e.g., and blogger (e.g., However the average person would have a difficult time doing so unless they have something elaborate already set up. This does not mean that you cannot use all those combinations yourself.

I did exactly that with my website I created a new database under my web host and set up a new website under this prefix domain (instructions on how to do this here).

To do this simply go to your web host dashboard and add the domain. If you are using Go Daddy you can find this under Settings and Hosted Domains. If you do not use Go Daddy your web host will have a dashboard with something similar.Go Daddy Settings

While you are in the section of your web host where you would add your domains, simply add it! For Go Daddy you would click on Add Domain and write in the domain you want to use. In my case I wrote “” and the folder I chose was “/_sites/getcraftywith” which is the standard folder organisation I use (all my websites are under a folder called “_site”). It will then have the status pending which will then change to setup once it is determined that you own that domain.

It is as easy as that. To create a website under it all you have to do is create one within the folder in your File Manager that you chose while creating the domain.

For more information on creating multiple websites under the same web host using databases and website creation platforms such as WordPress, please press here.


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