The Void – An awesome game experience


Trees in the Void

There aren’t many games that I find so interesting that I think about them all the time of my waking day and sleeping time.

The Void is a game that did just that. It is such an unique experience and there are very few games like it. I will highlight some of the points as to why I think it is such an awesome game:

1. It is challenging.
It isn’t obvious what you need to do and you have to figure out for yourself how to pass the game (it doesn’t guide you that much). The game is very punishing towards mistakes you make, however allows you to go back and learn from them. Other games give you achievements for making mistakes sometimes which does not relate to real life! This game teaches you that the best lesson in life is through experience.

 Chamber in The Void

2. You play it, it doesn’t play you.
Sometimes when I am playing a single player game I feel like there is only one direction I can head towards and the whole game is pushing me along that direction. The Void allows you to make choices within the game that can change the outcome significantly. It isn’t linear. After playing it a couple of times I found that the game experience can change quite drastically depending what I do within it.

The Void Sister

3. It doesn’t baby you.
Some games spell out every single thing you must do and how to do it. Sometimes I think games these days just assume the user is stupid or lazy. The Void doesn’t do this. It allows you to figure it out for yourself, which is part of the whole game experience. You need to use the mushy stuff within your skull.

The Void Brother

4. It is unpredictable.
Through the whole time playing I had no idea what was coming next. Even after playing for a bit and watching a YouTuber play, I noticed that I couldn’t even predict what would happen in his game play, even though we were in the same chapter. I had some idea, however he did things differently to me which meant the game behaved differently towards him too.

The Void Sister

5. It has a lot of hours of game play.
It is always disappointing to buy a game that is over in just a few hours. You could play it again, however it will be similar to your first experience with it. With The Void it is not the case. My first play through lasted over 30 hours. I know that if I played it again the experience would be different. I could make different choices that would change the difficulty, the amount of fights I’d have and even the outcome.

The Void Sister

6. It makes you think about what kind of person you are.
This point only came into my head after I watched someone else play the game. Part of the game there is slaughtering of characters called Sisters. I didn’t care if they died as long as the one I chose stayed alive. I saw my goal and didn’t mind what would happen for me to reach it. However another player saved every single one of the Sisters so none would die… Even though all but one would have died anyway. It may be different morals or different logic. I don’t know.

The Void Brother

The game is also visually pleasing as an external to its complex interior. I got excited every time I was to visit a new Chamber as I didn’t know what to expect.

The Void Sister Realm

This is a game that has everything I could ask for in a game. I liked it so much that now I don’t feel like playing any other game as they seem too… linear! Eck, I’ll play games anyway.

The Void Brother


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