Town of Salem

Recently I started playing an in-browser game called Town of Salem. You can visit it here.

Unsure why it is called Town of Salem. Sure there are hangings and people being burnt at the stake, but there are also the Mafia, Serial Killers, Jesters, Spies, Arsonists and Mediums. Oh yeah, and Witches too.

It is an interactive strategy game.

Basically you are in a Town with a role. You could either be a killer, someone who can gain information or just a plain Townsperson. The objective is to figure out who the killer or killers are or to kill everyone without getting caught, depending on your role.

You get to chat with people and there are times where you need to decide whether or not you can trust people. Your life depends on it!

It is a game of deception and trust. However it is mainly a strategic game. After awhile you get to know what works and what doesn’t.

For example (this will make more sense if you play it). I had the Godfather role, the leader of the Mafia. It was up to me to have everyone killed. I was doing very well at the game keeping a low profile, until at the near end someone accused me of being in the Mafia. I was voted to get hanged and it was up to me to defend myself. I claimed I was being framed and was convincing enough everyone, but one, voted me innocent. I was free to live another day. We ended up hanging the accuser and found out he was a Serial Killer! That served me well. It was down to me and one more and they still believed my innocence. Didn’t make sense, because that would have meant the game had ended, which it didn’t! At night I killed off the last Townsperson and won. I was the last one standing.

Unfortunately I did not record it. However below is a game I played as an Escort.


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